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  • 100 % purification of fuel of water and dirt in the winter and in the summer!
  • With guarantee protects fuel equipment of all types of diesel engines including diesel engines of new generation!
  • Simplicity in installation and durability of work!
  • The separator is certificated, quality with guarantee!

The separator can be established on any vehicle with the diesel engine. “MACKO” separator — is complete protection of the pumping-up pump, the pump of a high pressure, nozzles, valves and pistons against premature wear, and also significant increase in service life of diesel equipment.
Main of the most important functions of a fuel separator can call separation of water from fuel since availability of water in fuel causes not only wear, but also can lead to major maintenance of the diesel engine. The condensed water subjects to corrosion of a detail of the engine. New diesel engines with Common Rail system are extremely sensitive to availability of water and dirt in fuel. The system works at a high pressure and needs pure fuel.
The part in size in 10 microns is capable to put completely out of action the fuel pump. For this reason it is important, that the filter separator had filtration degree not less than 10 microns. Today more and more cars are completed with Common Rail system (for example, JCB, Renault, Ford, Kia, Hyundai and Ssang Yongs use fuel systems Delphi Diesel).
Costs of an effective filtration of diesel fuel in tens times below expenses on restoration or replacement of units and knots of fuel systems.

the Principle of operation of the MACKO filter separator consists in the following: fuel, arriving in a separator, gets to the first tank where passing through system of magnets, with the general force of a magnetic field 1000, metal impurity, pollution separate and growth and reproduction of bacteria in diesel fuel is limited.

On the second, and the most important, a cleaning step fuel arrives in the second tank and passes through a special filtering element – a cartridge (it is protected by the patent) where particles of 10 microns then fuel arrives to the delivery highway to the pumping-up pump and further to TNVD finally separate.

The basis of this filter is a special filtering material which consists of a complex of fibers of the various sizes that provides maximum efficiency, productivity and service life. For ensuring durability and 100 % of efficiency of office of water and pollution the filtering material (it is protected by the patent) is impregnated with special structure.
The multistage system allows to provide 100 % office of water constantly being formed in a fuel tank - the main destroyer of diesel equipment, and dirt office, and the transparent flask from plastic allows to supervise easily availability of dirt and water in a separator.

Scope of fuel filters separators:

1. Trucks, buses, cars, truck cranes, municipal equipment etc.;
2. Road-building cars, compressor installations, agricultural cars, loaders etc.;
3. Ship power plants; stationary installations: generators, welding and pump units;
4. Mining and mine equipment.


MAGIC KOREA model set comments price $
DUPLEX GR-500 1 SET 150 H/P 90
  GR-550 1 SET 300 H/P 120

top sale!

  GR-600 1 SET 500 H/P 120
MACKO GR-7010 1 SET 250
FILER GR-7020 1 SET   260
ELEMENT GR-500 1 EA filter 5
  GF-550 1 EA filter 6
  GF-600 1 EA filter 7
  GF-7010 1 EA filter 12
  GF-7020 1 EA filter 12

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