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The small order? No problem! We deliver even individual orders!
Be far? No problem! We deliver in any point of the world!
The wholesale order? No problem! We will help you in all through the trading channels!

We will deliver officially your freight from Korea to Russia!

Goods Sending is made by mail EMS as by the piece, at retail, and small wholesale and large container parties in any point of the world. Tracking of freights EMS

Quotations on services of mail of EMS:

05.kg 35,10$
1kg 43,36$
2kg 58,82$
3kg 71,27$
4kg 79,45$
5kg 87,73$
6kg 96,00$
7kg 104,18$
8kg 111,80$
9kg 119,45$
10kg 127,27$
11kg 136,91$
12kg 145,64$
13kg 154,27$
14kg 162,73$
15kg 171,18$
16kg 179,82$
17kg 187,45$
18kg 195,09$
19kg 202,70$
20kg 210,36$
21kg 225,45$
22kg 232,91$
23kg 240,27$
25kg 247,45$
30kg 254,73$

We work with railway expedition, it is possible to look at existence of branches on a site http://www.jde.ru/branch


We accept various payment methods: PayPal, WesternUnion, Money Gram, transfers of Visa and Mastercard.

The bank account of tdkarpezin,.co.ltd:

The bank name: KEB Hana bank
The bank adress: Korea, Jang-Andong,  Seoul,
tel 02 2212-7974
Clearing code: Jang-Andong Branch
Account number: 650 009285 953
Name of the recipient: T.D.karpezin.,co.ltd
Adress of the recipient: 128-2 Junggok-dong, kwangjin-gu. Seoul Korea
Tel 82 2 6465 1980
Hand phone 82 2 10 4007 1980

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