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On this page we will publish the most popular questions which arise in process of drawing up of the order and in the course of goods expectation.

What is the original spare parts and than they differ from the stereotyped?

Original and stereotyped spare parts.

Very often buyers are set by questions – That such original spare parts and than they differ from the stereotyped?. What spare parts are better for applying?

Original spare parts.

These are the spare parts made by request of Hyundai Mobis corporation, applied to assembly, warranty and post-warranty service of cars of the KIA and Hyundai brand. These spare parts have original catalog number, and as original packing with the KIA or Hyundai logo.

In the Russian market of auto parts for KIA and Hyundai cars 2 types of original spare parts meet:

1. The spare parts delivered on the Russian market by the General distributor of Hyundai Mobis corporation – the company Mobis Parts of the CIS. These spare parts are certificated for the European market of KIA and Hyundai cars and only these spare parts can be applied by the dealer on guarantee cars. These spare parts contain «Genuine Parts» inscription on the packing and a label.

2. The spare parts delivered on the Russian market by "gray" dealers from domestic market of South Korea, Arab Emirates, etc. These spare parts don't intend for the European market and consequently aren't certificated by manufacturer for their application in our region. These spare parts have the inscriptions made the Korean hieroglyphs and as strongly differ at the price in the smaller party on the packing and a label.

Many ask a question, than this most two types of "original" spare parts differ? But the answer not such idle time as can seem at first sight. Everything begins with policy of the Hyundai Mobis company which delivers on domestic market of South Korea automobile spare parts at very attractive prices (the price of the oil filter 26300-35503 in South Korea slightly more than one dollar). The second type of original spare parts is so widespread on this reason in Russia. But the Hyundai Mobis company for observance of the price policy and for prevention of similar "migration" of spare parts took the answer-back measures – on body details fixing openings are displaced, on the electrician other sockets, etc. though it was not possible to alter all spare parts are applied, but many spare parts should be bought only the first look as from domestic market them simply don't bring.
Having opened packing of original spare parts of the first and second type, you can't distinguish them if certainly in their design feature intends changes weren't made.

Spare parts of BesF1ts

This new offer from the Mobis company – the certificated spare parts for post-warranty service of cars.
This type of spare parts appeared in the Russian market rather recently. It was caused by that after the termination of a warranty period, owners of cars turned the look towards original spare parts from domestic market of South Korea owing to their low cost, and service of the car translated to not authorized service centers. As a result it led to profit loss.
The Hyundai Mobis company developed «Besf1ts» brand. On packing there are no «Genuine Parts» inscriptions, but the Mobis logo remained on a place. These spare parts in times differ at the price, sometimes becoming cheaper than spare parts of domestic market.
The official dealer not in the right to apply these spare parts on guarantee THAT.
It was very interesting to look at this type of spare parts and we were strongly surprised – in packings with an inscription of Best1st there were identical goods, as in boxes with «Genuine Parts» inscription.

Stereotyped spare parts

The spare parts made by foreign producers, outside the limits of the contract with Hyundai Mobis corporation. There are 2 types of stereotyped spare parts:

1. The spare parts made by the partner companies of Hyundai Mobis corporation, sold under the brand. NGK company spark plugs belong to this type, or the diesel fuel equipment of the Bosсh and Delphi companies for example. These spare parts have no original catalog number of the Hyundai Mobis company and original packing, but nevertheless these spare parts anything more don't differ from the original.

2. The spare parts made by foreign suppliers, not having something in common with the Hyundai Mobis company. Various producers of brake shoes, shock-absorbers treat this type, etc.
In any case to pick up the stereotyped spare part without knowledge of catalogs of producers of these spare parts very difficult in the absence of catalog number of the Hyundai Mobis company.


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